Nevada Multimedia Productions

NMP offers a variety of services to meet your needs.  Specializing in production and editing to grab the attention and interest of your viewer. Here are some of the services we specialize in.

  • Live Event Documentation (conventions, conferences, exercises, speeches, training, concerts, performances, sporting events, etc.)
  • Live Event Web Streaming (Streaming your event is a great way to present, teach, and include those people who just couldn’t make it…)
  • Commercials and Public Service Announcements (including delivery to TV,  YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc.)
  • Documentary (when you want to go into detail NMP can help you tell the story)
  • Creative (Comedy Skits, Short Films, music video, etc. Have a great idea? We’ll help you shoot it! Want to dance around in front of a green screen? I guess we can do that too.)

Good audio is just as important as good video.  NMP offers a variety of audio services as well.

  • Voice-Over and Narration (We have access to professional voice-over talent. We can help you choose the perfect voice to deliver your message.
  • Radio Ads
  • Live Event Sound (Full P.A. and audio mixing services for live music, entertainment, fundraisers, or parties. We have a few lights and a disco-ball as well)

Here is a potpourri of other services.

  • Live Skype Calls (Have you ever needed to include someone in a meeting or conference, but can’t fly them in? Need to attend a meeting but your out-of-town?  We can put their face on the projector screen, or set them right at the roundtable with you.  Audio and video, it’s almost like your there! Especially when you put a cup of coffee in front of the screen.
  • VHS to DVD Transfers (This is important.  Every year your family videos sit on the shelf they look worse and worse!!!  Get those tapes on DVD before it’s too late. Heck lets put them in the cloud too! Services starting at $10 a tape*. We can also do VHS-C, HI-8, and miniDV.)
  • Podcasts (Take your podcast to the next level with in-house professional audio and video production.)
  • Ebay and Craigslist (Add a short video to your listing and sell your item FAST!)
  • Real Estate (We can create a video tour of your property. Way better than picture slide shows.
  • Insurance Documentation (video is a quick and easy way to document your belongings!)

Whatever it may be we can put your message in motion. Consultation is free, and we can manage our services to fit within any scope large or small.

NMP is located in Carson City servicing all of Nevada and beyond.